1. Officially we have the Annual General Meeting. This is the official part of the organisation which we are obliged to have as an incorporated body. This occurs in September October each year. The AGM moves from state to state each year. Last year it was in Victoria, this year in New South Wales. It has traditionally been held in the capital city of the state. Exceptions have been made but with the overriding rule that public transport and private transport is relatively easy and not expensive.
  2. The Autumn Gathering. This is a national gathering for all the men who wish to attend. This also moves from State to state each year. The emphasis is more on going to a interesting venue and enjoying the company of men in a relaxed congenial manner. This is a social function that aims for men to get to know men from other states and to form friendships.
  3. Hosting and Guiding. When joining Country Network men are asked if they are willing to host or guide men who may be visiting their area. Access to this information is through our data base, which contains all members and indicates if they are willing to host or guide. It is not essential and some choose not to offer this service. There are guidelines laid down so that this is not abused by expecting extended stays and hospitality beyond acceptable standards. Many men when travelling around Australia are able to contact a member, stay a couple of nights, get some inside information on what to do in the area and enjoy a congenial get together. This is important for men who live in remote areas and may have little contact with other gay men.
  4. Special Events. These occur less regularly and generally rely on one person or a group of men deciding on a certain activity. Enjoyable house boating on the Murray River, shared trips and housing to overseas destinations such as Italy or Bali and boat cruising. Very often, as men have had to travel a fair distance to attend national functions an additional add on trip will be organised fro those who wish to stay on for an extended period of time. These are generally held in conjunction with the AGM. Men enjoyed a trip to south west Western Australia after the AGM in Perth


  1. Country Network also has a state organisation. Each state has a state coordinator who takes an interest in the men in their particular state. In some instances special events are organised for a particular state. Western Australia has a camp out weekend, Victoria a mid year get together around the Queens birthday weekend. Most states seem to manage a Christmas party, a Melbourne Cup bash, a mad hatters tea party, an Autumn Leaves luncheon in true gourmet style and lots more.
  2. Also the states have a caring and sharing arrangement. If someone is unwell, needs assistance, transport or just someone to talk to, then there is always someone to call on for that little bit of extra help.


  1. In the more immediate area Country Network has a significant number of brunches, coffee mornings, lunches, dinners, bush walking groups, theatre groups and lots more. This enables the men in local areas to catch up once a month or more often and have a pleasant time out.
  2. Another important aspect of the local networking is the ability to keep in contact with the men in your immediate area. A shared cup of coffee, a phone call, a shoulder to lay your troubles or on the other hand and group of guys to share a special event with.