Conditions for Membership

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • As an incorporated association, you are required to provide your home address for administration purposes only. This information is not viewable by the public or general membership.
  • You must make available to fellow members at least one method of contact. This can either be home address,, home phone, mobile or email address. The more “available” you are, the easier fellow members will be able to network with you.
  • Your application is your agreement to comply with the Country Network constitution, protocols and general aims and objectives. Practice common sense and common courtesy and you have most of it covered.
  • Hosting arrangements are just one aspect of Country Network. Hosting is not obligatory. Even if you can host and have offered to host on your application form; it is your house and therefore your right to determine who visits and when. A refusal is not to offend.
  • International applicants are welcome on the recommendation of an existing Australian member. International applicants can only receive correspondence via email, not postage.


  • Country Network was founded in regional Australia, so we understand the need to maintain a very high level of confidentiality and privacy for all our members.
  • The membership list is our confidential list of fellow members’ contact details and available to members only. This list can never be made available to any non-member and any deliberate breach will result in termination of membership.
  • Each member has the choice of what personal/contact information they make available to fellow members via the membership list or members only section of our website, as long as at least one method of contact is available.
  • Each member’s level of public disclosure regarding themselves and/or their sexuality is a matter for them and will always be respected.


  • Membership fees are constantly being reviewed. We are a non-profit organisation and so we are always working to keep membership fees to a minimum just to cover running costs. Refer to the Membership Application Form for a list of the current fees.
  • An additional charge applies for members receiving their correspondence via regular post. This fee is subsidised by the association so as not to disadvantage those members who may be technically isolated. We strongly encourage all applicants who have email access to take the email option only. This also assists reducing the volunteer hours required to run an organisation such as Country

If you have any further questions, please email