The network was created following a 1977 meeting in Dubbo with an initial membership of about 20 men, mainly from within NSW, with no formal structure to begin with. It was not until after the first get-together in 1978 that a vision was formed to make the new group an Australia wide organization. A Coordinator was elected to head the group, supported by a Female Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer.

Most of the early meetings of the group were held in the Blue Mountains for convenience and reasons of anonymity. As the membership expanded meetings spread to various regional centres.

By the end of the 80’s the organisation had grown and was developing some problems with administration. It was felt that a more business like management system was necessary to ensure the ongoing survival of Country Network. A formal committee structure with elections seemed appropriate. An initial constitution was created and accepted by the 1991 AGM in Adelaide; a new committee was elected headed by a President. The country was divided into Areas each with a Coordinator to bring management closer to local areas.

After years of discussion the organisation was registered in 1994 as an incorporated body and a more formal Constitution was adopted to govern and provide the necessary framework for this large and diverse membership. The Membership List continued to be the means of connecting members and retained its confidentiality as required by the founders.

After many years of a simple newsletter the Country Network Magazine which we have today came into being. The magazine is the means by which members are kept informed of activities and functions being arranged, as well as news from members, coordinators and office bearers. Organisational and administrative requirements are also disseminated through the magazine.

At a meeting held in Canberra in 1990 a visitor from Western Australia advised that he represented an informal group of WA guys who would be interested in joining up with CN. This influx of new members from the West made a significant contribution to membership numbers and CN finally became a truly National organisation.