CN ZOOM Sessions Format and Rules

Topic of Discussion
For each session a question will be put to be answered in turn by each participant, then followed by a group discussion on the question or could be organised as per the Host’s own format.

ZOOM Invitation
An invitation with the ZOOM Link, the meeting ID and the password will be emailed to the participants before the meeting.

Hardware Requirement to Participate
In order to fully participate in the ZOOM meeting, participants will need to use a device (either desktop, laptop, tablet computer or a smart phone) that is equipped with both a camera and a microphone.

Virtual ZOOM Session Format & Ground Rules (if the Host chooses to follow)

What is ZOOM and how does it work? Plus tips and tricks

How to Host/Attend a Zoom Meeting (for beginners)

Joining and Configuring Audio & Video

ZOOM Meeting Controls for Hosts

Host and Co-Host Controls in a Meeting

How to use Breakout Rooms in Zoom